It's a great place to come to relieve your stress and anger and then leave the mess to us. Come see us for an unique experience for Birthday, Team Building, Date Night or just for fun!


What is Smash Room Ottawa?

Our mission is to provide the most premium experience you can find at any smash room in Ottawa. We are locally owned & operated and want to provide the people of Ottawa a fresh new way to entertain themselves and relieve their stress.

Smash Room Ottawa; is a place where you can release all of your pent up frustrations, anger and energy in a safe and fun environment. You can select from a variety of packages, each having their own mix of smashables. You can go it alone, or together in a group of 2, 3 or even 4 friends. You’ll be provided with all the protective equipment you’ll need to make your experience a fun and safe one. Once in the smash room, you’ll choose your weapon from the armoury. You can then connect your phone to our wireless Bluetooth speakers, put on the music of your choice and let loose! And just like a great workout, you will feel energized and less stressed. Plus, you can walk away, and leave the mess to us.

Quick Smash

1 Participant - 15 minutes
10 ~ Glassware Smashables
1 ~ Med - Large Item
(read below for item details)

Lone Soldier

1 Participant - 30 minutes
15 ~ Glassware Smashables
2 ~ Med - Large Items
(read below for item details)

Double Trouble

Up to 2 Participants - 30 minutes
20 ~ Glassware Smashables
3 ~ Med - Large Items
(read below for item details)

Three Musketeers

Up to 3 Participants - 30 minutes
26 ~ Glassware Smashables
4 ~ Med - Large Items
(read below for item details)


Up to 4 Participants - 30 minutes
34 ~ Glassware Smashables
5 ~ Med - Large Items
BONUS 1 Extra Large item
(read below for item details)

Gift Card

Like it or not, Mother's Day is coming and so is your friend’s birthday. But don’t stress, we have the perfect most fun and unique gift there is.

***Glassware Smashables – Various sizes – shot glass to vase- Glass, ceramic, clay or Porcelain
***Med - Large Items (examples – Telephone, keyboard, cable box, coffee maker, Lrg Vase, speaker, Lrg Plate, Lrg bowl, Garden Ornament, fan, stereo, VCR, DVD player, etc.)
***Extra Large item – (examples – Vacuum, Lrg speaker, Lrg and tall vase, chair, table, stereo)
Items listed above are examples only. Our inventory changes weekly and we never know what we will have for you in the packages. But for certain, items will be unique, interesting and super fun to smash!!***